EB 3 PD prediction after Trump travel ban

Please help clarify something with respect to Trump executive Ban yesterday.

My EB3 PD date is July 9 2009.
July Bulletin EB3 PD date is June 1 2009.

As per your prediction the next bulletin should move by faster maybe by several months which means I will be current in the August bulletin.
I read your post : Trump Travel Ban - H1B, L1, J1 Visa Entry (Check with App) - USA and was very useful but the one category that the article left out is :
"Green card Pending – Inside USA "

I have already had my interview last year so does this ban apply to me when my PD becomes current ?
I am inside USA and working with EAD extension pending.
How long do you think will it take for me to get my green card once my PD date becomes current if it becomes current next month?

Thanks in advance.

People inside US are not affected by the ban.

I don’t know how much time will USCIS take to process your green card application.