EB1 GC Taking Longer. Can candidate change employers in between?

My current visa Status:
I140 approved under EB-1. Working on EAD. I dont hold H1 or L1 visa currently.
Awaiting Adjustment of status.

I have few questions based on my status if I plan to change employer in this situation:
Question#1: If I decide to change my employer, do I need to transfer my I-140 to new employer? What needs to be done to maintain EB-1 category ? Since I don’t have any other visa, if my I140 transfer gets denied, am I out of status ?
Question#2: What are the roles and responsibilities my new employer need to showcase to maintain my EB-1 category. Obviously, I have not worked with my new employer in managerial capacity prior to now from any country.
Question#3: Does my current employer has authority to withdraw my I-140 application as of now (after 2 years of its approval) ?
Question#4: If I need to move to India for work on AOS pending status, will my GC application still continue at USCIS ?
Question#5: How many such cases (employer change in EB1) you have seen and what was success ratio in those cases?
It will be of great help, if you can share your guidance on above questions.

New employer would need to file their own i140 and i485 with supplement J.

I485 denial would put you out of status.

All roles and responsibilities that are required for EB1 would be required to be proved.

Employer can withdraw i140 anytime but it should not affect you if you have already spent 180 days with them.

Adjustment of status is only possible is you are physically in US. If you move out, you will need to file consular application for immigrant visa.

Hi Anil,
Thank you for the response.
If my new employer need to file I-140 and I-485 with supplement J, then will I lose my priority date for GC which I hold now or it will remain same?

Main criteria for EB1 is to have international managerial work experience where employer need to show 1 year Managerial experience outside US from same firm. I am wondering how new employer can show that?