EB1 i485 pending - request for initial evidence was mailed

This is for EB1 India with National benefit center. Priority date: March 09, 2017 and 485 was filed on Oct 24, 2018 and biometrics done on Dec 4.

Today I saw the status for my wife’s receipt number, it shows " request for initial evidence was mailed". I think its most probably because we had submitted Birth affidavit for her. I had submitted birth certificate for myself so my status shows as “case was received”.

Now tell me one thing, in this scenario, Will only I just get EAD/AP card?

Also, assuming that request for initial evidence is about her birth certificate, then is it ok if we submit her birth certificate now because initially we submitted affidavit and after submitting 485, we found her birth certificate.

If we submit her birth certificate along with school leaving certificate now, will there be any problem ? what’s your thoughts?

EAD / AP will get processed separately and will reach their own result.

You can submit the birth certificate now if it is what is requested in the i485 RFE.

Hi Anil, I received mail from USCIS to our address and as suspected it was about birth certificate. I will be sending copy of birth certificate today for my wife. Lets see if they accept it and process EAD/AP.

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ok…let me know if you need more information.