Eb1 with I140 approved - Can't change employer till i get green card, is that right?

Hi… I am looking for some kind of guidance on my case, below are the details :-

H1B - Valid till 12/2020 (started from 12/2015)
EB1 I140 Approved on 09/2018
Priority Date - 10/17/2017

As the dates have not been current i cannot even file for I485. I have following questions :-

  1. Any guidance when date of filing can move past my priority date and i can file for AP/EAD?

  2. Am assuming i cannot change employer till i get green card, is that right?

Any information will be appreciated.


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Change Employer with i140 approved

You can change your employer with your approved i140 and still port the EB1 priority date. This is allowed.

But, the only caveat is that a new i140 approval would be required to be filed by new employer. New i140 is needed if you want to file your GC (i485) as and when it gets current.

If you plan to return back to old employer with approved i140 at the time of GC filing, you can avoid filing i140 with new employer.