EB1C green card question

Hi Anil,
Currently, I am working on h1b and it’s expiry is in 2024, mine I140 is also approved. My employer is transfrerring me to Canada and will be working as a Manager.

Here is my questions.
After working one or more years in Canada as a Manager, Is is possible to come back to USA on mine same h1b? and can I upgrade/new file I140 to EB1C from EB2 category.?

Thank you

You can come back on same H1B if your job position, location, salary etc will be same as in the LCA. Otherwise you will need a new LCA and amended H1B if there is a material change in your job.

If you qualify for EB1C, you may be able to port/retain your PD from EB2 I-140. Your employer can file for I-140 and I-485 concurrently (no PERM needed for EB1C) under EB1C if your PD is current at the time of applying.

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Thank you so much for detailed info.