EB2 - August 2016 PD - Job Change

Hi everyone,

I have approved I-140 from my current employer. PD is August 2016.

I have been with current company for about 6 years, however they are are not increasing pay as per my expectations.

So, I started applying and got offer from new company. Even if they agree to start my PERM right away, it will be about at least 18 months until I get I-140 approved with new team.

With current employer, I am about to start EB2 to EB3 downgrade and as I am told it is taking minimum 10 months to get it approved in regular processing.

My questions are:

  1. Is the Filing date expected reach August 2016 in EB3 by October?
  2. Is it bad time to switch job for someone like me who has approved i-140 with current employer?
  3. If I stay with current employer, can I file EB-2 to EB-3 downgrade and I-485 at same time if filing date chart for EB3 reaches August 2016 or beyond?
  4. If I decide to switch jobs, should I request new GC process in EB2 or EB3?
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You may opt for premium processing for EB3 I-140 after 30 days of submitting your application and speed up the approval.

It may take beyond October this year. Read the below…

Depends on your priorities, better paying job vs faster GC.


This is your choice as there is no clarity at this point in time on which queue will progress faster after October, even though the predictions say EB3 will keep ahead of EB2.

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If new job offering you big pay change go with it. Your pd may not be current in either of category as per current bad news trend. You can come back to your old company if dates become current by any chance.

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I think , if the offer is very good , you can go ahead with the offer and if your date anytime becomes current before your new employer file your green card, come back to your old employer.
I think this would put you in good position.
And I were you, I will not downgrade my I140 at this time and do concurrent filing with I485 when date become current.

With the latest USCIS 485 data , it is very difficult to predict… So the only thing left is HOPE…