EB2 India GC Movement Prediction (Covid-19) - Questions & Answers

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You didn’t explain your base for your calculation. You are expecting Sep 2010 for EB2 and Jan 2011 for EB3 is looking more unrealistic with 261500 available numbers.

Not all green cards will be given to one country. They will all be divided.

Also, each family member is counted separately in green card numbers. This means that each family will at least require about 2.1 green cards.

can you share when Dec 2012 will become. current to file 485?

Anil the Prediction app says that 2013 EB2 could get current in this year. Can you explain the calculation?

hi anil

my Eb2 PD is june 2010 and i got my EAD last month in EB2.

Now in this month bulletin the final action dates are moved forward and EB3 final action date is current for my EB2 PD.
so my current status is EB3 FA date current for my EB2 PD and 5 months behind in EB2 FA date.
can i downgrade at this moment from eb2 to eb3 while having eb2 EAD in hand? is it a good idea?
if yes, what is the process and how long it will take?
please advise