EB2 India Green Card Prediction - July 2023 Bulletin and Beyond

Does your algo already considered people getting gc from their kids?


You may be able to port your PD and file I-140 & I-485 concurrently if your PD is still current at the time of filing.


where do you get the actual i140 numbers. The only document available from USICS counts duplicates… A person would have changed jobs so i140 might get double counted. Also working spouse with another i140 also get double counted. Would be nice put out the data when you do the prediction.

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My priority date is October 2015. This app shows its being current in 2033 in the realistic case. However, Feb 2015 is current by Jan 2023. Even with the wastage, how is that much of a gap possible?


I am in EB2 category.

It depends on how much wastage happens.

At this time, USCIS is moving visa bulletin based on the assumption that they will not waste any GC numbers.

In that case, select the optimistic/Ambitious case and you will get better estimate.

Just curious, your https://www.am22tech.com/eb2-india-predictions/ website shows that EB2 will retrogress, but your prediction table at bottom of this website has progression in the EB2. Why is that so?

EB2 may reach Dec 2014 again in 2023. Slow movement in EB2 is expected until May 23.

Is this still true after today’s retrogression put eb2 in 2012 April

Looks like the numbers given by USCIS about the pending I485 applications are after excluding duplicate filings and people “transferring” from EB2 to EB2 and Eb2 to EB3. So I guess the movement will be slow.

can you please share the source link that clarifies on duplicate filings, thank you


USCIS mentioned they considered the duplicate filing and other criteria. details are in Q4 of the FAQ.

Thank you very much.

Hey everyone,

My Priority date is June 2019. Just curious about how many years it’s going to take to get the GC under EB2?

With state department giving a hint of increased demand for ROW, EB2 India will not see much of the 60k spill over. Bummer.

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My EB1C priority date is May 13 2022. I-140 was approved on Jan 23rd 2023. EAD was Approvd in Sep 2022. What are the chances of I-4845 approval in 2023 ?

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