EB2 or Eb3 i140 filling

Hi…My PD is Nov 2015, Old employer applied in EB2 category and I-140 was approved in 2016 . My new employer has filed PERM in EB2 and now is ready to file I-140.
And also My current company is acquired and closing the deal by end of Sep/Oct. I’m assuming now acquired company will take care immigration petitions as per Successor -in-Interest .

What is the best approach I should follow now to file my I-140 in Eb2 or Eb3 and take any advantage of EB3 I-485 filling if dates are moved in oct 2021 bulletin.

I suggest to file in both EB2 and EB3 if your employer allows.

If not, then i would suggest to file in EB2 and file a downgrade to EB3 once EB3 is current for you.

I would not assume anything and talk to my manager and HR to be sure and avoid any last minute surprises. The new company may have to file an amendment for your I140.

yes, i reached out to HR. As per current update my job and pay will not change after acquisition.HR said all other things related to immigration changes will inform after acquisition deal close. Acquirer company is buying whole business and expanding to the new regions. My current employer name will change either in Oct or new year beginning.
Do i still need to do I-140 amendment - even no change in job and pay after acquisition?

thanks, Any rejection risks due to both petitions filling at same time/packet? I’m trying to find any success stories just to put my mind at ease.