EB2 PD NOV 2013 : Need Suggestion


Small correction My PD is NOV,2013 not 2014 and working for a small consulting firm but i got a good offer
this month and new employer said he will do GC only after a year.

I have missed downgrading to EB3 with my current employer.

please suggest if staying with current employer will improve my chance to get GC(EB2) or downgrade to EB3 or moving to new employer and apply for I-140 after 1 year is better.
Pls suggest.


Looking at current visa bulletin, the chances of Nov 2014 getting current are not high. You can probably move on.

Thanks for your response Anil… priority date is Nov 2013 not 2014…

do u think EB2 will move to Nov, 2013 in next 8 months…
As I am afraid that even if future employer processes GC after an year it might take 1 more year to get approved I-140… so total 2 years from now… so point is will there be a chance that EB2 moves to Nov 2013 and I will miss the boat…

I already missed by not downgrading to EB3 once… :frowning:

Hello Anil,

My PD is Nov 2013 not Nov 2014… please provide your opinion accordingly.