Eb2 pd Oct 2014. What are my options for eb3 downgrade?

My pd is oct 2014 from old employer. Recently got my perm approved may 2021 from my current employer. Eb2 i140 approved in june 2021 in pp. Now according to predictions my pd can become current in oct 2021 under eb3 dof. So what are my options?
A) can I file new i140 eb3 right now in pp since my perm is not expired. So in oct I will only file i485+ medical etc
B) should I wait for October visa bulletin and then file for downgrade? Or
C) should i wait for October visa bulletin and file a new eb3 i140+ i485+ medical a complete package since my perm is still not expired? Is it even allowed?

Option C seems better as your PERM will be valid provided your employer is ok to refile your I140 in EB3.

Thanks Kalpesh for ur reply. Can you please explain what is the difference between options b and c with respect to paperwork and documentation?