EB2 priority date estimation - 15 Dec 2014

Hi Team,

My EB2 priority date is 15-Dec-2014, I see on the below page that EB2 going to reach Oct 2014 on Feb 2023. but when I estimate the green card here (AM22Tech Apps - USA, Australia, Canada forms, Visa and Immigration) it’s showing my priority date reach to current on Oct 2027. May I know an approximate date for my priority date become current?

Currently, I am residing in the UK and need to make decisions based on the priority date movement in the USA.

My employer does not do counselor processing when staying outside of the USA and they don’t do EB2 to EB3 downgrade also. Please help on predicting the priority date, it would be helpful to decide about moving back to the USA.



Hey Anand,

I think the predictions are based on the best-case option and the GC calculator result of yours is based on the worst-case option.

Also, just curious do you work for Big tech(FAANG) companies for the intracompany transfer, I’m thinking of the same move, to move to UK for sometime until GC dates move closer.

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