Eb3 downgrade advise

Hello sir,
I already explain my situation. Now my pd final action date is current for both eb2 and eb3. And I asked the attorney to interfile eb2 and stop eb2 to eb3 downgrade then the attorney replied my eb2 i140 no more because of Sii he is suggesting apply eb2 i140 parallel safe side any retro happened. Now I am thinking to go for premium processing for eb3 downgrade. My pd is may 21 2011. Please give me a advise. And also this we have bio appointment. Waiting for H4 ead how long it will take. H1 approved may 12 waiting for H4 and H4 ead April H4 bio done. Please advise.

Thank you

You are already on a right path to do premium processing for the downgrade, what other advise you are seeking? :slight_smile:

Check the processing time at the USCIS based on the processing center.