EB3 Downgrade and Waiting for EB3 EAD


Good Morning…

Like many other people, i also downgraded my EB2 to EB3 in October 2020 and got the receipt, also done my biometrics… My PD is 26-Aug-2014. After my biometric there is no news for me from USCIS… In November visa bulletin, final dates went back to 2012.

My EB3 i140, i485, i131 all not approved yet but biometrics are done for all my family also… Is it possible to get my EB3 EAD anytime or i need to wait for PD to be current to get my EB3 EAD…Also let me know if i get my EAD, can i change job?

Any insight to the above will help me to take decision further…


The whole point of EAD is that the beneficiary can work for any employer while his/her AOS application is pending due to PD not being current. So EAD is not dependent on PD and should be processed irrespective of PD being current or not.


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