EB3 - Employer change question


I have approved I140 with my current employer A with PD as Oct-2015 in EB3 Category.
Recently my H1b extension approved till May-2023.

I have an offer from employer B and the joining date is mid of OCT 2021. They just started with H1b transfer process, started collecting the documents and information.
I am not quite sure about when they can start PERM process after i join. Lets say, it takes an year.

My questions are -

  1. Looking at Visa bulletin predictions, Is it wise decision to move to employer B at this time?
  2. Just in case, if my PD becomes current in Nov-2021 bulletin (assuming bulletin released before my start date at employer B and H1b transfer is approved) - Can i still have an option to stay back with employer A or should i join employer B as H1 transfer is already approved.

Thank you!

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This depends on your priorities for e.g. a job position/salary with employer B vs faster green card with employer A. No one but you are the best judge of your priorities and what matters to you and your family.
I can see Oct’2015 EB3 in at least the DOF chart by December this year which means you may get at least EAD/AP later in the 2nd half of 2022.

You may still keep working with your current employer. Your employer switch do not happen until you resign with employer A and start working with employer B. If you decide not to join employer B, you may let them know and they will withdraw the H1B.

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Thank you very much for the prompt resposne. This helps !