EB3 Green Card - July visa bulletin

My PD is August 2012 in EB3 category and it became current in July 2021 visa bulletin. I filed for my I485 in October 2020. Completed biometric in March, 2021. Since then no updates as of today. When can I expect I’ll
to get the GC? Any guesses? I haven’t done much research or reading about this topic since I’m still shocked about the fact that all this happened so suddenly and the date became current. Pls help. Thanks!

Did you submit medical with AOS? If not you should receive RFE to submit medical. Once USCIS receives the medical your file will be complete and USCIS should adjudicate your AOS in roughly 4 to 6 weeks. You should receive the GC in 1 to 2 weeks after that.

I haven’t submitted the medical. Waiting for the RFE. At this point, after the biometrics, the status got updated to fingerprint received. That’s pretty much it and no communication after that.

Will they issue an EAD/AP before the GC? What is the current process? And, are there chances that interview will be waived?

Please go through this thread. These questions have already been answered.

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