EB3 Green Card Prediction Impact

Priority date : 30-June-2016

I have my 140 approved with my previous employer. I don’t have my I140 process with my new employer yet. As per the predictions, I see my PD would be current sooner. I have the following questions :

  1. As per the process, Do I have to re-do Job Ad + PWD + Perm with my current employer (1.2 years approx) before my PD is current or just Doing I140 again is fine as the Industry is same?

  2. If Incase, I could not achieve this before my PD is current, What would happen?

Thanks In advance for your inputs !

PERM is based on the job location and the role. Changing employer needs a new PERM process and subsequent I140 from the new employer.

Provided your PD remains current at the time your PERM is approved, you can do concurrent filing of I-140 & I-485/AOS.

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Kalpesh,Thanks for your answers! So If incase if I miss the Final Action date, I have to start the GC process from beginning? Is It right ?

No. Your current employer need to start your PERM process. Once approved, if your PD is still current in the FAD chart at that point in time, you can file I-140 & I-1485 concurrently. Otherwise, you can file I-140 and once approved, you wait for your PD to become current and then file I-485/AOS.