Education Equivalencies process of Indian Degrees for USA

My Petition I-130 is approved and my Green Card process is on the way …

I had B.Tech , MBA , PGDAST degrees . So my concern is that just like Canada we had to apply for WES .

please let me know what is to be done with Indian degrees for the USA Universities and employment opportunities so as to get International equivalencies

Kindly suggest so that i can apply for that also before getting my Green Card

@Anil.Gupta u seems to be the most active person i had observed here

will you please advice me for the same

I hope you will have appropriate answer for my query

I don’t understand why you need degree evaluation if your I130 has been approved.

Who told you this?

@Anil.Gupta I am saying I am Coming to US , Then What should i do with my Indian degrees …!!

If i have to take admission or Job , So they require any international equivalencies just like WES equivalencies for Canada or Not … ??

Search online for degree equivalency check and you will find multiple companies doing it.