Eligibility to apply EOI Australia

Hi Puja

Really appreciate your guidance and real feedback to people. I am not working since Aug’18. Has 8yrs relevant exp in procurement but last designation was Asst mgr. Recently joined a small company, as Sr. Mgr. Preparing for PTE. can’t claim partner points. Going to complete 40 yrs in may month. Job code is 133612. I am aware of current condition of offshore PR but do you think, its good to complete all backend things liks assessment, PTE and submit EOI. I am hopeful FY 2022-23.

Hi Parinita,

Sorry but Cards are really not in your favor. Firstly, You are going to hit 40 next year which will reduce your age points to 15 (from 25) and thus decreasing the overall points for PR.
Secondly, you cannot even claim partner points. So in short your overall points are going to be less which makes it very very difficult to secure an invitation.
Thirdly, you are offshore (bummer)!

To give you a frank and honest advise, dont start anything for Australia now including writing PTE/assessments etc if you dont want to get stuck with no invitation and expiring documents in the future.
Better suggestion would be to look for other countries where they are still inviting and processing residency visas or maybe wait for another 1-2 years and see how things unfold for Australian Immigration. That way you will have an idea of the changes happening with migration rules/criteria and can then proceed.

Aussie land will not open up fully until mid of next year and that too isn’t certain so why to invest on something for which you are not sure of the returns?
Good Luck!

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Thanks pooja, thanks a lot. I want to proceed with your firm for migration. Pls share the email id. I will my details.

Hi @anil_am22 pls share official email id for consultation.

We only provide consultation only and are not migration agents. We can answer your questions and guide you the right way.

We do not lock you into contracts like migration agents.

If you are interested, you can buy time to discuss here:

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