Embassy returns H1B application to USCIS for review and possible and revocation

We have following queries regarding h1b

  1. Embassy returned h1-b application to USCIS for review and revacation. What are the reasons to sent to USCIS?
  2. Is there chance to approve by USCIS? If yes how long it will take.
  3. What are the chances of revoke petition by USCIS once returns by embassy?
  4. What are steps needs take by applicant regards this?
  5. What are the steps needs take be petitioner?
  6. is there any chance to approve by USCIS and return to embessy?

The chances of USCIS overturning the embassy decision are low but possible.

You can’t do anything.

Your employer will most probably get a notice from USCIS to submit more documents. They should respond to it.

If USCIS is satisfied with the response, they may not revoke and then embassy will issue the visa.

If attorney revoked my petition is there chance to fight through attorney? We can file case against USCIS…what steps we can take? Please explain all the possible ways.

It would depend on what grounds they revoke.

Wait for the NOIR letter from USCIS and keep in touch with your employer.

Hello ,
As per my knowledge,

  1. Reasons for Return:
  • Incomplete/incorrect documentation.
  1. Chances of Approval:
  • Yes, USCIS might approve it after review.
  1. Processing Time:
  • Several weeks to months.
  1. Chances of Revocation:
  • High if significant issues; minor issues may still lead to approval.
  1. Steps for Applicant:
  • Stay in contact with your employer and attorney.
  • Provide additional documents if requested.
  1. Steps for Petitioner (Employer):
  • Respond to USCIS requests quickly and accurately.
  • Ensure documentation is complete and updated.
  1. Approval and Return to Embassy:
  • If approved, the petition is sent back to the embassy for visa issuance.
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