Employer base GC - EB3

Do we have to stay with the same employer even after GC approved and card already in hand?
do I have to stay with the same employer for 180 days is compulsory even after approval?

There is no such guideline from USCIS however many immigration lawyers will suggest that you stay at least 4 to 6 months with your green card job sponsoring employer. If you leave immediately after getting your green card, USCIS may question you,at the time when you apply for naturalization, if the green card job was bonafide and ever existed.
On the other hand if you are working for the same employer sponsoring your green card since years, you should be ok to move on asap.


Naturalization application, we only can apply while staying in GC for close to 5 years and not so soon right?
I am with the same employer pass 4 years while H1B.

so your suggestion is staying with the employer at least for 6 months even I am with them pass 4 years which H1B (he was the employer who sponsored my H1B and now my employer base GC).

Please advice,


I am not suggesting anything :slight_smile: I said immigration lawyers suggest to keep working with GC sponsoring employer for few months. In your case it will be your choice to move on as you are already working for your employer since long.

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i take back my words is not suggestion, can I ask your opinion?