Employer is postponing the PERM application saying waiting for Prevailing wages from DOL since 7 months

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I have moved from Employer A to Employer B and my I 140 is approved with Employer A 10 years back, I want to apply for PERM and I 140 with Employer B, but my Employer B keeps saying that he is waiting for Prevailing wages from USCIS since 8 months.is it true i am not understanding it takes these many days , what is prevailing wages , this company dont have any applied green cards , is it new company so applying prevailing, but usually perm application startes like advertisment and then they apply perm. please let me know what is theis prevailing is it required to apply perm.

Prevailing wage determination (PWD) is part of PERM process.

It is taking longer than usual to get PWD approvals too due to COVID.

You can check current PWD times here.