Employment Letter and form 80 questions


Please answer my query as it is critical for submission of my 190 documents.

I have got the final invite for 190. I am about to submit documents.
I worked for company A,B and C.
Company A -> Location:India, Designation - Associate engineer
Company B-> Location: India(5 years) and the USA(10 months) and last location with the company is India ( for 2 months). Desgination-> Assocate Engineer, Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer
Company C -> Location: USA( from last 3 years), Designation-> Senior Programmer

Company B only mentioned the last designation in roles and responsibility letter with the location as India. My company B didn’t provide all locations and designations.
This letter is already approved by ACS.

Below are my questions:

  1. In form80 and immiaccount question, Do I need to mention all the location where I stayed in last 10 years. I am thinking if I mention the USA location for the duration I was with company B, then they may ask questions that why you have not mentioned all the locations and desginations in reference letter. And my visa then get rejected due to this.
    Or, should I not mention the USA location for the duration I was with company B?

  2. I am submitting W2 for last 3 years with bank statement with comapny C and for company A and B, I am submitting form16, ITR or tax-related documents with bank statements. Is that enough?
    I do not want to share company B pay slip as it will have those designation name which is not there in the reference letter I got from company B.


Mention only the addresses in form 80 that you can prove on paper.

Last 3 year W2 is more than enough. No need to submit other payslips.

Hi Anil,

Do we have any format/sample of employment reference letter provided by the company in their letterhead? Do we need to get it notarized if we get it from company?

Srirama P

Hi @Srirama

Here is the sample work experience letter that you need to get for Australia PR.