Employment Start Date for H1 Cap-Exempt Stamping

Hi All,

Currently I am in India. My H1 Cap exemption petition was approved on Jan 2022 with a new US employer. My Visa Dropbox interview scheduled on Mar 2022. My current tentative travel date as per DS-160 is May 2022 after serving the current employer notice period in India.

What should be new US employment start date in Employer Verification Letter for Visa interview? It should be any date before Visa Interview Date i.e. Mar 2022 or a tentative date in May 2022.

if May 2022 then My stamping will be given from Jan 2022 or May 2022 as I can travel early in case my current employer release early.

Can someone please suggest on the above queries.

Thank you in advance for your help. Look forward for a good response.

You employment start date will be based on when you plan to actually join your US employer.
Visa validity will be from the date it is approved till the I-797 validity.