End of 6th year, applied for extension to utilize time spent india. Waiting for PERM


  1. When my current employer applied for visa transfer I received 797 for next three years, until March 2023. This is beyond my 6 years quota.
  2. My 6th year term will end by March 30, 2021.
  3. Currently waiting for PERM approval, applied in Sept 2020.
  4. Trying to utilize the time I spent in india and get extension for another two months and see if I can get my Perm approved then go for extension.

Problem: I haven’t received receipt for the extension I applied in February 2021.

So what are my options now?

Should I leave the country and come back after 140 and h1 extension?
As I already applied for extension, should I wait for another one month and decide.

Please suggest or comment if anyone in the same boat.

You can wait if you have applied and have proof of delivery.

Receipt numbers are delayed but as long as you filed it timely, you should be fine.

Thank you for the reply Anil, I just got the confirmation about my approval.

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