Engineering degree in INSTRUMENTATION technology for software engineer

Hello guys,

I am thinking of applying to Australia PR (189 or 190) visa. I want to know my chances before i spend the money.Here is my situation:

  1. age -31
  2. IELTS - 7+ in all areas

here is the tricky part. i have an engineering degree in INSTRUMENTATION technology and have 4 + years of experience as a software engineer from Fidelity Investments India.

I have completed my MBA for US and working with an American Airline for the past 2 years.

My questions is will my work experience as software engineer count as my undergrad degree was not related to my field of job?

Someone please clarify.


First step is to find your Australia PR points.

And second step is to find your ANZSCO job code.

Both steps are FREE to do. Once you are done, come back here with answers and then i can suggest whether you should apply or not.

Thanks for your reply Anil.

I checked my PR points and it is 60. I know this is insufficient but i plan on taking the PTE and scoring 79+ to get my score to 70.

But my question is this: The ANZSCO code for software engineer is 261313. but i saw you write that if your degree is not related to your area of study then ACS will deduct 4 years of experience.

So i have 4 years and 2 months of experience as a software engineer. That means that after their deduction i will have only 2 months of work experience.

I am wondering will get a positive assessment from ACS given this condition. Please clarify.

You can get positive assessment but your 4 years will be deducted.

You will probably be only able to claim 2 months of ‘relevant’ experience.

60 points are not enough. Minimum 65 points are required to file Expression of interest at this time.