Entry on h1b visa on different client

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Could you please help to answer with following question.

Actually, I came to India for h1b stamping in March 2020 and got 221g. I submitted all required docs(client letter, contract paper, w2, offer letter) within a week after got 221g. Unfortunately, because of covid-19 and lockdown situation embassy was not working on any case but after following with them couple of times they approved my visa few days back and i got my passport stamped. Now my question is:-

  1. I was working for client A in USA through h1b sponsor company but when i stuck in india client told me to join india team for same client but through different company as my USA h1b sponsor employer doesn’t have any entity here in india. Now, I got my visa and my USA sponsor employer wants me to travel back.

Questions: -

  1. I dont have any client in USA as of now and I am trying to get it from india. If i travel without client will it create problem at port of entry or it’s belongs to my employer only?
  2. Let say at POE if i tell them that i am working full time with my employer is it ok as my employer has internal product.?(if they ask)
  3. What if i get different small client from USA to work with them? will it ok if i get a letter and confirmation from them?

Please guide me.


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