EOI conversion into PR - estimated time

Hi Anil / Team ,
I have submitted my EOI application for 189 , under Engineering Manager category at 75 points , which got accepted in mid Mar’19.

Now I have been waiting for PR grant . The estimated time shown on immi account increased from
5-6 months and then to 8-9 months and now currently it is at 11-22 months .
Can you suggest , is it normal , generally people get PR grant in 4-5 months.
But 11-22 months is a long time.
I have not been asked for any query till date from immi dept.

Can you put some present prevailing facts .thanks.

Hi @SatinderSahni19

At this time, the PR grant time is about 8-9 months on average. Do not worry. You will get sooner or later.

Only the processing time has increased due to high number of applications at this time.

My suggestion is to have patience as that will help you pass this waiting time with ease.

Thank Anil.
Have they increased the processing time recently … as many of my friends received PR grant within 4-5 months of EOI acceptance?


Yes, processing time has been increasing gradually from Feb 2019.

I am expecting it to come down starting Dec 2019.