EOI for Management Accountant/ Accountant General

I have filed EOI in Accountant Category with 80 points under 189 and 85 points under 190.

What are the chances of invite under either of the sub class

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Hi @AbhinavT

Chances are low for an invite at this time with 80 points.

Thanks Anil
I guess there is no way to estimate for 190 too.


My wife has 90 points in 190 (221111 accountant) and 100 points in 491. I also have positive skill assessment as (222211 financial markets)( 90 in 190 and 100 in 491).

In 189 we have 85 points

What chances do you see going ahead in 190 or 491 for either of us. Thanks

Hi @santoshs

Chances are fair for an invite with 90 points. At this time, the trend is 95+ points but it should come down soon.

Thanks Anil. You mean 90 points in 190 right? Coz 189 we have a max of 85. Thanks

Hi @santoshs
I mean 90+ points in 189. 190 may have even higher requirement.