Eoi invitation regarding 233513

Hi Anil,

I have applied under 233513 production engineer with 70 points under 189 and 75 under 190 on 23rd march 2019. Do you think i stand a chance to receive an invite?


70 is a good score but will be difficult to get an invite starting July 2019 as the 189 visa quota will be reduced by 42%.

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Ohk thanks sir but wht about state nomintaion for Nsw in which I have a total of 75 points.

States also mostly invite the people with high score in 189 visa. Chances are same in 190 too for you.

I suggest to increase your points to have better chance.

Ohkk thanks alot sir for your suggestion.


I am having 90 points for 189, 95 points for 190, and 105 points for 491 for the occupation 233513. I will lose 10 points for age after Sep 2021. Is it possible to get invited before that based on the budget results? please advise. I am currently offshore ( in Singapore).