EOI is expiring in a month, What should I do now?

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I lodged my eoi back in 28May2019 and updated on 27th October 2019 with 80 and 85 points respectively for 189 and 190 subclass. I lodged my eoi under the ICT Security Specialist profession. Unfortunately I did not get any invitation till today.

I got a mail this evening that my eoi is expiring in one months. What should I do now? If I will create another EOI, will I miss my current place in queue?

Your answers will be appreciated.

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Yes, you will have to create a new EOI since the current one will be expired in another month. That’s the reason, its always suggested that instead of updating an old EOI, applicants should always submit a new one if there is any change in points which ultimately gives you few more months to remain in the same position in the queue.