EOI with positive assessment but currently jobless in India

I want to know if there is any negative effect on my EOI application and its decision if the following condition is active:

I have a valid assessment report but now I have left the job and currently I am not working anywhere.

Question is what will happen to my profile?
Will it be taken as a negative point that I am not currently working?
Will I be required to do NEW assessment ? Consider this that I have not joined anywhere after leaving my last job.

I am planning to Enter my EOI with my assessment but at the same time I am jobless in India.

Please suggest.

Hi @mikealpha

You are fine as long as you have positive assessment to claim points on your EOI and you get an invite.

The current joblessness should not affect your application.

You will need a new assessment if you join a new employer and want to claim points for this new work experience.

Hi nail, need your advice. I had submitted my Eoi for both 190, 189 with positive cdr assessment from EA, however I missed to get relevant skill assessment for my 10 years of experience. Is it ok to submit directly the employment documents to DOHA after Invitation or is it mandatory to get relevant assessment for to claim 15 points for work experience. Pls advise.