Estimate for invitation 189 and 190 in 2019

HI @Aamir_Khan

The chance certainly reduce but i will be able to estimate better once July 2019 results are out.

Thank you. Will circle back to this thread in July

One more question anil. Is there a way to find out how many people with score of 80+ points are in the queue for specific occupation thanks

Hi @Aamir_Khan

No official data is shared by Australia Immigration to known these details.

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Hi Anil
Can someone clarify on the new rules from NSW
Their website says that you need to reside in NSW for at least one year and should have worked in NSW for the last one year to be eligible for nomination on some occupations. This is applicable for all ICT occupation. Am I interpreting this correctly. This means they won’t select offshore candidates for 190

Hi Anil , my point got updated to 80 point on 26 June 2019. I still have not received the invite for subclass 190 Victoria and NSW…
What do you think about the chances of getting an invite ?

Hi @Ashi

State sends invite on their choice of time. They do not follow any regular timeline.

I cannot predict their invite time either as they do not share any data.

Nsw invite is not possible from offshore. If you are working in NSW from the last one year only then you will get an invite. This is the new rule for nsw for this year

Hi @Aamir_Khan

I have explained new rules for NSW here with updated list for 2019-20:

Hey @Anil.Gupta: Its getting real hard to obtain 189 visa now that we are onlyseeing 100 invites being sent each month. i am afraid i might loose out on the age points if i do not get an invite until sep 2020.
My EOI got updated to 75 pts on 30-05-2019
Original lodged date: 28-10-2018
May be my EOI also expires before i receive an invite.

Do you think its better to file under subclass 190 for victoria (For software engineer) We cannot apply for NSW as requirement is to work in the nominated state. i hope thats not the case with Victoria. Many thanks for your help.

Hi @immitoaus

You should apply at all places where the option is open to apply.
The chances of 189 invite will reduce even further starting Nov 2019 with new immigration rules.

Getting an invite with 75 points will be tough.

Hi Anil, But rejection rate is very high for Victoria, right?

Hi @Avdhesh

Yes, rejection rate is high for Victoria.

Hey @Avdhesh/ Anil
Are you aware of any of the rejection reasons for Victoria. I see the occupation is high on the demand list issued by them.

No, as far as I know, they don’t disclose the reason.

@Anil.Gupta Hi , I have submitted EOI for VICTORIA and QUEENSLAND as well.
Is there a change in rule for these states also ?

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