Expedite request approved then rejected

I have a L2 visa and had filed for an EAD in January 2021.
In March I submitted an expedite request , within a few days I got an email that my request is being reviewed and that I should wait for 60 days .
I submitted another request on the 6th April , received a denial for it . Then on the 16th April morning I submitted a third expedite request .
On the 16th evening I got an email that my expedite request has been approved . My case status changed to expedite request approved .
On the 21st of April , I got an email that the expedite request submitted on the 16th April has been denied .
Now my case history shows two records
One expedite request approved and another rejected .

Has this happened to anyone ? I am so confused .

They might have approved it by mistake or it may be system issue at their end.