Experience in Cybersecurity -- ACS skill assessment Query

Dear All,

i had my skill assessed from ACS under 261313 (s/w developer ) in Feb 2020 . During this assessment i had not included my cybersecurity (Risk management) experience that comes ~ 4 yrs , as most of the roles i have performed are with development and in parallel have handled risk management and compliance . Now am completely into cybersecurity from 2020 and the cybersecurity experience adds up to ~ 5 yrs in total of 14 yrs IT experience.
i am an offshore applicant with 90(189) and 95 (190) points respectively and submitted EOIs.

So pls suggest – if this specific cybersecurity exp adds any value to my application and if so how can i add to the existing ACS assessment and will it help to obtain any PR invitation in the current scenarios.

Thanks in advance.

As long as the work experience is relevant and matches with your ANZSCO code, you will be able to get a positive assessment for it.

You will have to apply a new assessment.

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