Express Entry - received an email saying that I am not eligible

Hello Anil,
I had entered my profile for Express Entry (E001313072) and after a few months (on 10th April) I received an email saying that I am not eligible. There was no particular reason mentioned but it had a list of possible reasons:
Below are a few examples of why a candidate will be found ineligible:
• not having a valid language test,
• language test results that are more than two years old,
• a language test score that is too low,
• not having enough relevant work experience,
• not having the required education level,
• not having enough funds.

I have a 3 years Engineering diploma and in my ECA done by WES shows it to be equivalent to Diploma (2 years).
The NOC I had chosen was 2282 and I have over 9 years of work experience in 3 different MNCs.

The only point which creates a doubt in my mind is that originally my IELTS Writing score was 6.5 and then I requested a re-evaluation and the score was increased to 7.0 and in rest of the modules my score is above 8.0.

While I was updating the same in my EE profile, I updated the date of result as mentioned in my new test report form. Could that be the reason of rejection? If not, then what else could be?
Please help !!
Thanks in advance

I am not sure why your profile has been found to be in-eligible. Never heard of it before.

You can create a new profile again.

Thanks a lot for your quick response, Anil.
Could you also clarify regarding the date of IELTS results, should I mention it as given on my new (re-evaluated) test report form?

Yes, the date on the report has to be mentioned.

Another question, my engineering diploma is in Electronics and communication, which I completed in 2002, whereas my work experience is related to NOC : 2282. Is that a problem?

I cannot comment on NOC code and your education as I am not an expert on education details.