Extending H1B Status Beyond the 6-Year

Hi Anil,

My 6th year max out is May 2022 and recently applied for H1 B extension and it got approved till Feb 2022. my employer initiated green card process (Perm) this week. Should I leave USA in may 2022 or Can I stay in USA beyond may 2022 if my h1 b extension in progress. Please suggest with best possibility ways to stay in USA after 6 years complete.

No, you should not stay post max out if you are not eligible. Pending H1 extension in not an eligibility criteria to stay post max out.
If you get I140 approved before max out, you can stay.
If your perm is pending for 365 days when you max out, you can stay. One of my friend had 350 days or something, and the employer asked him to travel out of US for two weeks. He went to Canada, stayed there for two weeks and came back to meet that 365 day criteria.

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