F1 OPT to H4 EAD COS Question

Hello, I am on F1 OPT right now. Last week, my client manager contact me and offered a permanent position if I move to H4-EAD, as it would not need any sponsorship. I am willing to move to H4. I read that the premium processing option is in the works and may be available by September of this year. Should I wait for premium processing OR file in normal processing and upgrade to premium processing once it becomes available?

I do not want to be in a position where the H4 is approved but the EAD is not. Also, does anyone know what is the typical delay for approval between the two?


Assuming your spouse has approved I-140, I would file H4 /EAD now and upgrade to premium once available (the 9 step federal rule making process is still pending :slight_smile: ).

In most cases if H4 & EAD is applied at the same time, they get adjudicated almost at the same time. Delay in EAD generally happens when H4 & EAD are filed separately and EAD is processed only after H4 approval. Now that H4 biometrics is suspended, it will cut some processing time.

Check the USCIS processing time based on the service centers to get an idea.

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