F1 to h4 and F1 to h1

I applied for h4 and H4 EAD application in March 2021 as my f1 visa was expiring in October 2021. My h4 application was still pending. So, my company applied h1 for me and h1 visa got approved by end of November 2021.

I applied for withdrawing my h4 and H4 pending EAD in December and now I got h4 and H4 approval notices with an EAD card in the mail.


  1. F1 visa to H4 visa +EAD (Applied March 2021)
  2. F1 visa to H1 visa (Applied- 8th Novermber 2021 and Approved on 17th November 2021)
  3. H4 withdraw in December 2021
  4. F1 visa to H4 visa +EAD ( Approved on 20th January 2022)

Will USCIS withdraw my h4 now even if it’s approved (not a pending application anymore)? I want to keep my H4 visa.

Thank you!

I replied on another thread.

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Yes, thank you so much!