F3 category form 221g for petitioner domicile, active bank statement

Hello @Anil.Gupta

My immigration filed in 2006 in F3 category and i completed my visa interview in mumbai on 25th july2019.

The officer gave my passport back and issued a 221g white slip and asked for domicile of petitoner and active bank detail so i submitted the req. doc. to the drop-off location on 19th of august.

After that i checked my visa status what i saw that the last case update was 11th of sep and it show that is in AP.

So i want to know that in how days should be taken from the embassy to issued my visa after submitted doc. as per 221g letter.

Hi @dhar

There is no fixed time for result. US embassy will verify the documents and can issue visa anytime.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta . Appreciate it.

Dear @Anil.Gupta as per previous topic discussion about my f3 category file now they given me another 221g white slip which i attach below.

So Anil bhai pl. Advice me what to do about this and which type of document should submit now as per 221g slip

Pl.reply back ASAP.

Hi @dhar

Who sponsored your US green card and where do they live currently?

Sponsored done by my uncle and the petitioner is my grandfather.

Since last 5 years my grandfather is in India but from 5th August 19 my grandfather resided to USA.

After my family interview done on 26th July after that they asked for domicile so they need to go to prove us domicile. And the last letter we get is attached the pic of 221g in previous reply. @Anil.Gupta

Hi @dhar

You have to submit any rental agreements or other such proofs that can prove that your grandfather (sponsor) has moved back to US and has started living there.

His income proof, or driving license or state ID could be sent here.

Is your visa approved after submitting domicile proof… i submitted my wife domicile proof on 14sept 2020 .

i got 15 sept last update than after i dont get any update… whats the reason are they checking document or not ?

How much time ur case was in administrative process?