Failed to file for GC before final action date went beyond the Priority date?

TLDR : Do I lose my position in the GC queue (July 2013) and have to start over if I go back to the US on a new H1b job?

Since, I’m working out of India (moved to India back in April 2021), I wouldn’t be able to file for GC before my PD becomes current with respect to the final action date (My PD is 29th July 2013, while the final action date for EB2 in Feb 2022 is now predicted to be Jan 2013).
So, assuming I’m unable to find an H1b job in the next couple of months, and the final action date leaps forward by another 6 months or so, what would be my options?

  1. Can I still get a CAP exempt H1b?
  2. Let’s say 1. is possible, and I land in the US by around June, at which time the final action date could potentially be several months ahead of my PD (July 2013).
    Will my GC position be completely lost? Do I start over and get a new PD?
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