File H-4 change of status or wait for H1-B transfer in 60 day grace period?

I was recently laid off by my ex employer in a full time job, i had an H1-B approval until Sep’2021.

I am currently working with a new employer to secure an offer to transfer my h1-b, however due to some delays (background check and drug test delays) they haven’t started my transfer yet.

I have my h1-b 2- month grace period ending in 3 weeks, should i start an h-4 application to tag onto my spouse h1-b or should i wait until my new employer to start the h1-b transfer?

Please advise, i am worried if my new employer causes further delays i might potentially go out of status.

Is it safe to have my h-4 application in pending status and my new employer file for an h1-b transfer? Appreciate any responses

I suggest to wait for H1B transfer.

You can file H4 COS but that will introduce another level of complexity to your case.

If the situation arises to absolutely get on to H4, i suggest to go out of US and get H4 visa stamp rather than filing H4 COS.

This will keep things clean and clear.