File H1B with consular processing after 3 years of OPT and working on CPT?

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I am currently pursuing my double masters degree and working on CPT status. I have previously utilized 3 complete years of OPT. My employer is applying for H-1B this year and recommended me to apply H-1B on the outset as a consular petition to avoid additional scrutiny of my current status. They are not suggesting to apply H-1B along with change of status.

They have asked my opinion and would like to take suggestion from you if applying H-1B as consular petition will do any good rather than applying H-1B along with change of status.

I need to send response to my attorney by Monday there your response sooner will be greatly appreciated.

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I suggest to file H1B as consular processing to avoid issues with your status violations with long OPT and current CPT.