File i140 in premium - Do we need 60 days of visa validity left?

I just came to know that my Perm got approved.

But my H1B visa is getting max out by April 10th 2019. Could you please let me know whether I can apply I-140 in premium now along with my extension or I cannot because in some site I read that to file I-140 as premium should have visa at-least 60 days validity is that correct.

Or I can file I-140 normally and file my H1B extension.

I am not aware of any such 60 day visa validity requirement to file i140 in premium.

As per my information, you can file i140 in premium.


May i know when was your PERM filed and how long it took for approval.

Mine is filed on Dec24th and my H1b max out by july16th .