File new H1B Amendment when previous Amendment in in RFE?

Hi Anil, Thanks for all your effort.

H1B approved for 3 years

I am working for MNC and was working for Client A from 2016 to 2017 and my petition was approved for 3 years (till June 2019) , i94 is also same date.

H1B Amendment for client B denied

Our company didn’t get contract extended for Client A. And I moved to Client B in Aug 2017.and started working. However my Amendment was denied in Aug 2018.

New H1B Amendment received RFE - Asking Client Letter

Company refilled my amendment + extension in Oct 2018 with my prev approved petition which now has status of RFE due to unavailability of strong client letter.

Can I file Another H1B Amendment?

Now can I try to move to the new client C with same employer before my i94 expiry (June-2019).

Can you please suggest if this is possible if company files for Amendment+Extension for client C, is there any risk involved.

You can file for H1B amendment for client C before i94 expiry.

Thanks Anil for your reply, it really helps. Just 1 more question I need to file extension along with Amendment for Client C and do I need to respond the RFE for Client B. And this amendment for Client C wont be considered as bridge petition.

You need to reply to Client B Amendment RFE or withdraw it.

There has to be an action taken by your employer.

Thanks. Appreciate yur help.