File the B1 visa

Hi Anil

My company is filling my H1B extension. I have submitted the documents to my employer. My current H1B is valid till 07/08/2020 and I-94 is valid till 07/18/2020
But I am not sure they will file or at last moment they will say that they will not file the extension.I don’t want to travel to India for couple of months because of current covid situation.

I want you help me to file B1 for me in advance. Could you please give me you office direct contact so that I can reach to your office.

Thank You!

Hi @mkvmishra

I am not an attorney.

I can only help with the guidance. You will have to fill it yourself.

Thanks Ani
Could you please provide some guidance

I can only help if you have any specific question.

If you want help with filling form, the you have to
contact here.