Filing address for renewal of I-465 and I-131 together

I am filing I765 and I131 renewal together. I am planning to keep both 765 and 131 checklist documents in single envelope. Below paragraph is mentioned in USCIS website for 765 filing address. So as per this paragraph if I consider I131 as another form which is to be filed along with I765 renewal, then the I131 filing address ( chicago filing address ) takes priority over I765 filing address ( texas uscis address ). So my understanding is I need to send it to chicago and not texas. Kindly clarify. thank you

Paragraph from USCIS website

“If you are filing Form I-765 with another form, file both forms at the location specified by the other form. For example, if you are filing Form I-765 with a Form I-539, file both forms according to the Form I-539 Instructions. Use addresses below only when you are NOT submitting Form I-765 with another form.”

Your understanding is correct.