Filing Green Card in the 6th year of H1B


I am in process of starting the GC process and my 6th year of H1B end on Sept 30th, 2021. To keep my current job, I am also in the process of changing my status to H4 and also concurrently file for H4 EAD as well with a future start date in Sept. 2021.

I have some questions:

  • Would I be able to file for H1 in the future when I receive my I140 approved from H4 status? Is there any specific step in the GC process upto I140 required to be fulfilled in order for me to get back to H1?
  • What are current processing times to reach the I140 stage?
  • How much time does it generally take to get the COS H4 & H4 EAD approved? I am hoping to have my H4 COS & h4 ead application submitted by the end of January 2021 with a future start of September 10th, 2021.
  • Can I file for GC with a different company other than then current employer for future employment? There is some hesitation with my current company on my GC filing and thus exploring the option of having another consulting company file my GC.

This is the first time for me posting on this forum and it would be very helpful if anyone has similar scenarios or any past experiences with similar situation can help out.

Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:

  1. i’m working with X employer and Y employer filed my perm , i’m still working with X employer . can Y employer file my I-140 after my perm approved which is filed by Y Employer with out H1 transfer as feature employment and how long it’s valid.