Filing H1 extension from India

Hi @anil_am22 ,

Wanted to get your quick inputs on my situation, and thanks for all the great help and advice that you provide to all, you don’t know how much it helps us :smile:

I need to travel to India in 7 days, my current H1 stamping expires in April 2022 end and my H1 extension is due but because of a delay, extension couldn’t be filed before I travel so my attorney has advised to use current stamping and travel back (I am coming back to US on Jan end) and file extension here in US
In worst case if I get stuck- due to any travel ban- they said we can file H1 extension while in India through consular apply.
Wanted to check: if you see any issue or risk in above scenario and have some advice! Is it safe to travel or should I delay my travel, file extension and then travel?

Thanks a ton in advance!!