Filing H1 Extension - Without I-140 Approval Notice

My I-140 is approved. I am waiting on the Approval Notice. The Max out date is Sep 12. Attorney says it will take 3-4 weeks to get the notice. Seems not possible.
The employer says they can’t file the extension without the I-140 approval notice.

Is it NOT possible to file the H1 extension without approval notice? Since I-140 is approved.

What are the options I have? Do I have to travel back if I won’t get the approval notice in time?

Is it not possible to file for 7th year extension if I won’t get notice before max out date?

You need A number to file AC21 H1B extension of status. Talk to your employer’s immigration lawyer as they should have received an email for approval from USCIS that may have the A number or they may be able to request electronic copy visa email.

Also refer below link for the question on extension. As your I-140 is approved you are eligible for a 3 year extension at this point.

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Employer agreed to file extension with the screen shot from usics site which says i-140 is approved.

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